As part of starting our charity, one of the first things we needed was our Logo. We decided the most meaningful way to create this logo was to let the children and young people from the local schools in our community, primary and secondary design our charity logo.

We launched our charity logo competition earlier in the year and it was a huge success with hundreds of amazing designs submitted. It was an extremely difficult competition to judge as there were so many marvellous designs to choose from. After many hours of debate amongst the team we picked our worth winner. Congratulations to Izabella Dworacka from St Pauls R.C High School, an extremely worthy winner indeed and we hope you enjoyed your prize.

We asked all our entries to incorporate a butterfly into the theme. Izabella took this idea and used it as the actual logo outline. We absolutely loved this idea and the brightness of the design.

Thank you to everyone who took part, we greatly appreciate it.

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